iCloud backup

All groups, stations, and settings you configured in the app will automatically be backed up to iCloud, as soon as your device is configured for iCloud.
A separate backup file will be created for each of your devices. The file is named as your device.

You can at any time restore settings from each (other) device using the same iCloud account.
Using this function you can keep your settings in sync on different devices.


Restore settings from another device
  1. Select "Settings / Help"
  2. Select "Cache / Backup"
  3. Tap on "Restore backup"
    Note that this feature is display only if your device is configured for iCloud.
  4. Select the desired backup
    If the desired device is not in the list, the backup file may be downloading at the moment. These downloads are performed in background with low priority. Call this function later again.
  5. The selected backup will be loaded and all current settings will be overwritten