Map view

Map view shows selected data from all stations of a group in a map. The map will be zoomed so that it shows all stations in the group. Panning and zooming in the map is still possible.

Navigation and settings

  1. (iPad only) Hide or show group list
  2. Refresh all stations (METAR and TAF)
  3. Edit group name
  4. Show topographic map
  5. (iPad only) Show hybrid map
  6. Show satellite map
  7. Show wind direction and wind speed
  8. Show current Flight/weather rules
  9. Show cloud amount and ceiling
  10. Show current phenomenon

Weather data in the map

  1. Wind direction and wind speed
    In this view wind direction as well as wind speed in 5-kt-increments is shown.
  2. Flight/weather rule
    The current Flight/weather rule (as configured) is shown for each station.
  3. Cloud amount and ceiling
    Cloud amount as a symbol and the ceiling as a number in hecto feet is shown for each station.
  4. Current phenomenon
    The symbol of the first reported weather phenomenon is shown.