The station list

The station list show the latest METAR (latest weather report) of each station in a group in an easy-to-read form. By selecting a station you can see station details on the right side (iPad) or jump to the station detail view (iPhone).

By pulling down and releasing you can refresh the station list. During refresh the latest weather data will be downloaded from Internet. Loading the data is done in background and the current status is shown on the status line.

Station details

  1. Station name
  2. Warnings - These can be configured using Settings. Warnings for wind shear and SNOCLO are not configurable.
  3. Wind gusts (if reported, unit as configured in Settings)
  4. ICAO code or WMO station number
  5. Age of the report or "obsolete" if the report is older than 5 hours
  6. Temperature (unit as configured in Settings)
  7. Dewpoint and relative humidity (unit as configured in Settings)
  8. Air pressure (unit as configured in Settings)
  9. Height of clouds (unit as configured in Settings) - a maximum of three cloud layers will be shown, starting from the lowest layer
  10. Cloud amount of the layer, possible values are:
  11. Current phenomenon (Symbol and text of the first reported phenomenon, text only for further reported phenomenons)
  12. Visibility (RVR only shown in station details)
  13. Wind arrow, wind direction and wind speed - The arrow shows the direction from which the wind blows, direction is shown in degrees, speed is in units as configured in Settings
  14. Current valid Flight/weather rule (as configured)

Working with stations

Adding a station

Deleting a station

"Nearest Stations"

The group "Nearest stations" contains the 20 nearest stations to the current location. After first launch the list is empty, it can be updated with the stations near the current location at any time by tapping  .